I've got TEAC 4163 (DVD-RW) via SATA.

When I play MP3s from a CD all's OK. But as soon as I insert audio CDs my CD players freeze (when starting the CD up) - all of them (including axialis). And through Winamp I can hear kinda brattling or clacking as if the CD is not in the best condition (I tried dozens of them and I'm sure this is not the case).

Also when I'm copying something from CD/DVD to HD, I can't play MP3s (from the HD) - as some horrible roaring and slowdowning occurs (this is very strange as I have P4 2.4 GHz and RAM 512).

Now I suspect that my initial problem with the machine (XP only worked in safe mode) has its 'fingers' in this pie too.

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nah, nothing like that. it's just when playing audio cd (and a wee bit this applies to mp3s too) I can hear kinda clipping (from me speakers). and when I copy a data file from a CD to HD, I can't play mp3s from HD as they're slowed down and a truly wierd roaring appears.


Try looking for updated drivers, that generally helps correct errors that happen over a period of time. Is the CD-Player new, used, or old? If you don't know where to get the driver updates, go into My Computer, and get the properties for the cd-rom, and look them up on Google, or another search engine.

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