I'm not sure if this sort of thread is appropriate here, and if it isn't I apologise in advance :)

I'm hoping someone can advise me about this case before I buy it, because I can't find adequate answers elsewhere.

1. Does this case include the required fan bracket on which the 4 optional side-panel fans can be mounted? If not, can you tell me the specific type which is required and roughly how much should I expect to pay for it?

2. The case is said to support up to nine 120mm fans, but I've heard that the side panel fans can be 140mm. Is that true?

3. Do I need to buy any other brackets/extras in order to mount the other optional fans? Again, how much do you reckon these extras (if any are required) would cost, and which types would I need?

4. I wish to have all nine optional fans mounted. I'm assuming that the number of fans cited includes the two that come with it, so I'll be buying 7 more fans. Is this correct?

This is the website I'm planning to buy the case (and fans) from:


Thanks for your time!

i havent used this one but i i one of the older cooler master and i will tell you case works good the only issue i ran into was having big fans on the side and a upgraded heatsynce on the processor and the the upgraded heat sync on the north bridge had clearence issue with the side fan s

Hey Paddy,

It includes a fan bracket. Here is a picture.

I do not know about your other questions.

Unfortunately that's the 830 model, and as I understand it the 831 [might not] include the bracket. I'm not 100% sure on that particular issue and was hoping for clarification.

Thanks for your input guys! :)

EDIT: I've decided to save myself some hassle and go for the 832 model, which I'm 99% sure does include the fan bracket for the side panel. However, my other questions still require answers, so have at it! :D