im going for an upgrade for a new graphic card(as many of u may be knowing by now). pl vote for your choice.only select from the given choices. simply write the name from the list below in ur reply. also specify the manufacturer that u would go for the selected chip. ive heard some manufacturers provide thermal monitoring and good cooling etc etc...

ati 9700(non pro, non se, simple plain 9700)
ati 9600xt
ati 9600pro

also, suggest good sites for quality buy. i normaly go to pricegrabber.com and shopzila.com u may add other suggestions after voting for any one of the above chips and two manufacturers of ur own choice.


I'm not sure if you're selecting the right set of cards there omv. From where would you buy the 9700 and how much do you plan to pay? It is the superior card there by far, but manufacture of that particular chipset ceased a long time ago. Also, it will be bottlenecked significantly by your 1Ghz system.

My "ultimate" suggestion is to be patient and wait for that possible upgrade in autumn. By then prices will have likely dropped and you can have a fully decked out mini-beast.