I have about 50 old JVS tapes that I want to copy to DVD's.. then make extra copies of the DVD's for relatives.

I purchased a Toshiba DVD recorder and a package of DVD-R .

One JVS tape was successfully copied to a DVD-R. The DVD-R played on the Toshiba recorder,

BUT that same DVD was not recognized on a laptop, nor a DVD player upstairs. The DVD player said "no disc" even though it was inserted correctly.

Ultimately I want my relatives to be able to use their DVD's with ease.

Thanks for your help. Hillrock

Do those other devices have a "DVD-R" badge on them?

Did the disc need to be finalised?

Have you tried DVD+R?

I would recommend getting some DVD+RW and copy them onto your PC. Then you can edit the movie cut ads etc and burn to disk after.

Thanks. The recorder I have recommends DVD-R.
I ended up returning it and purchasing a JVS-DVD combo.

Thanks, yes they do.
I ended up returning the Recorder and purchasing a JVS-DVD combo.