keep getting this message " Internal Driver Error in IDirect3DDevice9::Present () " have searched google and many have the same question but no answers are given, any hint of a way to correct this problem, other than to scream "what now!!!"

Never seen it where does this error happen at?

Never seen it where does this error happen at?

The Game crashes to desktop then the error appears. Thank you for looking into this. I checked with nVidia and I have all the drivers up to date. Steam keeps telling me my driver is not up to date, and I reloaded Steam and get the same results from them. I also updated my activex also.

I get something like that to from steam that tells me to update my drivers but you probably need to update your hardware. direct X is a software like your drivers and such but your hardware also has a direct X limit check the specs on your game and on you graphics card

Which Directx level are you using in Directx? Have you tried dropping a level (down to 8 if necessary) to relieve the problem?

Your equipment and performance capabilities are crucial to the successful use of Directx.