I have a Dell Dimension 4550. I don't know much; please bear with me.

A friend gave me additional RAM to install, but it turned out not to be compatible; the computer wouldn't boot with it. So I removed it.

Now the computer still will not boot. It starts to the extent of checking the CD drives, and there is a green light on the motherboard that illuminates - but that's it. System doesn't seem to recognize keyboard or mouse, monitor goes into Power Save mode. ABCD lights in the back are dead.

I have checked all connections, nothing seems to be amiss. Did I short something when I tried to install the incompatible memory? What else could it be?

Thanks for your time.

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Same problem not to long ago. May help if you read over it.

Simply, there is something not working with your old memory. Could be the bios settings are not resetting themselves for the old memory, or the memory could have been damaged while being swapped around.

Thanks; I didn't notice that thread when I searched for my problem. I have now looked at the suggestions there and it seems likely I have somehow fried my motherboard. Ah, well.

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