Hi. About 4-6 months ago, I lost my internet connectivity while playing SWBF2 online. I wiggled the wires from the router to the networking cable, and I got it back for about 5 minutes. It went again, so I did the same thing. I have recently established that the cable or connectors were faulty and ended up replacing tham all. It now works on my laptop, but my desktop seems to be faulty. I also got a D-Link network card but it still doesn't work. The original port for the cables repeatedly says network cable unplugged, but my comp says the D-Link NIC has failed. Any ideas?

Rightclick on the network icon in tray, select "status", then hit Properties button, select "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and hit properties button.

Try setting both IP and DNS server adresses settings on "auto". You might need to disable/enable the connection.

Also, you can use laptop to access router. If it is D-Link, then enter in the address bar in Internet explorer. From there you can navigate and see if your problematic machine is being sensed and assigned its IP address. Use that address to manually configure connection settings.

It should look something like this:

IP Address: <-- your PC's address
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway: <-- Router's Address

Proffered DNS Server:
Alternate DNS server:

You will also have to manually assign IP address to your PC on the router side. ( in this case)

Manually assigning IP addresses speeds up the connection initialization, but is prone to connectivity problems.

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