Dear friends. Please help. The computer time in my machine periodically goes back to January 1, 2003. I don't know why? Sometimes, after 4 or 5 or 3 days, it goes back to that time or it resets time on a past date/time. Is this symptomatic of something? How can I correct the situation. I am able to correct it though, but the problem recurs after several days. abchua7

battery is busy dying
replace battery

Yup, bios battery for sure. If you have a standard pc then it will be a CR2032 and is quite cheap to get a replacement for.

thanks rik from rce and barryt. Time to visit local computer shop here really now. I shall keep you posted on the development. Give me about a month (or less, if my sched permits) to accomplish this. Many thanks. Perhaps only then can we mark this as solved? abchua7

Good day.
Finally got the chance to drop by computer shop, and got the much needed battery change. Rik from rce had mentioned a bios battery change in her rejoinder to your first reply, but the shop technicians insisted what i need to replace is the cmos battery. I just had to say ok. Change the cmos battery. In your reply you just mentioned battery change.
If in seven days the date and time does not revert back to 2003, then we'll mark this thread solved and closed.
Am really hoping that would be the case, as I have three more issues. One of them is currently displayed in the storage forum. You just might want to have a look there. It is about a free agent external hard drive that had hidden my files.
Would be most grateful and appreciative, as I am allready now.

Technically speaking, cmos battery is correct. This battery supplies power to store the BIOS settings whilst the pc is shut down :).

Did you go into the BIOS and set the correct time after changing the battery?

CMOS is correct, but I'm sure the technician knew what he meant (even if a couple of quiet snickers out the back :) )

Do you actually need to reset time at BIOS these days? Have never found the need with modern Windows builds, so long as time syncing hasn't been disabled... could be wrong, so feel free to correct.

Modern windows builds will be syncing but still the CMOS battery if drained out will send time back to original date. lost Moreover all other BIOS settings get changed.

Yes dear friends, the shop technician did set the time for me. He was there to check up on the computer, and did what he had to do, I suppose. He asked me though what exact time I have, and informed me that he will set the time for the new cmos time, if one might call it that. When I reached home though, I synched the time to the international internet time, and there was just a small difference. Perhaps what our three friends (the last three threads) are saying is for all intents and purphoses, this thread is solved? I don't have to wait for 7 days to verify that the malady's been addressed. The credit should go to barryt, and I thank him.