I have a Fuji Plus 20' LCD monitor.
When I turn it on, the backlight comes on (at half brightness) for a mere second, a very faint buzz sound then it goes blank BUT the green light on the power switch remains on.

Now, if I continue to turn it on and off it will eventually light-up, go from half brightness to full brightness and stay on (all this in about a 1 second period).

I'm hoping to repair rather than replace at this point.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Flat panels are expensive on spare parts. It will cost just as much to repair it as it will to replace it I suspect.

Have to agree, repairing may set you back more than a new monitor (prices have come way down anyhow).

I have heard of some serious issues regarding the internal power supply. If is still in warranty, you may have luck in getting it fixed - but with what I've heard about the after-sales support, good luck on that one!

Do yourself a favour and use the net to source out a quality monitor and to compare available prices, both in regards to online merchants and local retailers.

I forgot to add that after the monitor has warmed up completely I can turn it on and off at will and it's fine.

After buying a new monitor I tore the old LCD apart found and replaced a bad cap. A .05 cent cap.