I have had an HP laptop for almost two years. Last night it was working fine, i put it to sleep, and fell asleep myself. This morning it never came back. The battery charging light comes on and when i hit power all the lights go on but the screen doesn't turn on, and the only hardware that moves is one of the hard drive and even that is just for a short moment. The exact model is hp dv9000. Please someone help!

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If you search on dv9000 you'll find this to be the most problematic laptop in terms of going dead or not booting.

It's probably not what you want to hear, but you're lucky it's lasted 2 years. Others will no doubt back up this awkward (for you) statement.

You'll also see that many if not most of the dv9000 provlems could not be fixed by advice from the forum.

In order to rule out the slim possibility that it's not a wholly useless brick, have you attached an external monitor in case there's something reportes on it by way of boot message, flicker or something?

If you reach the conclusion that this laptop is done, then at least putting it to sleep last night most likely means that whatever glitch there is may not have damaged your HDD and your data is likely to be recoverable on another PC through a USB enclosure.

Of course you'll want alternative advice from others and I really do hope that there is something you can fix yourself. But I fear a few days of fruitless effort might be your prize. I hope not.

When I saw the thread title I thought "oh no, not another one".

Suspishio is right, it's most probably a brick now.

Right - for all of you out there with HP issues around the DV6000 and I also think the 9000 range is affected.

The issue is beyond your control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The situation is generally due to a faulty NVidia chip which HP is well aware of and there is currently a "Class Action" being persued in the "states" regarding this issue.

You still need to ring HP Technical Services on this issue EVEN IF YOUR WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED.

Certain machines within these ranges have had extended manufacturers warranties applied so even after your normal 1 year warranty or even your extended warranty (if purchased) has expired you COULD still have cover

Possible SHORT TERM solutions have included - taking off the battery, disconnecting from the mains and pressing the power button for anything upto 1 minute - to "discharge the capacitors" within the machine.

Oh and resetting the BIOS.

These solutions have ONLY worked in the very short term from my experience.

The machine requires a NEW MOTHERBOARD - DO NOT PAY FOR IT OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET - HP need to sort it!!

I hope this helps you all out, we have had 4 machines successfuly repaired and 2 refused - so give it a go

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