I need help with my mom's computer. It is a Windows XP on a Dell Dimension E310. The screen colors on the monitor have been messed up somehow. It seems like there is no red at all. The oranges and blues are too bright and it is a real strain on the eyes! I have already tried changing the display settings, properties, etc. but nothing is working. However, when I unplugged the monitor from the back and did a monitor self-test the red shows up perfectly. I am thinking maybe this has something to do with the DVD burner that was installed for her. But this was done by someone else and I don't have any disks or books to go with it. If you need more information let me know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Seeing that several days have gone by and you haven't received a single response from anyone, I'll answer you in spite of my lack of expertise with this issue.
I doubt if the DVD installation has anything to do with your problem. Possibly, while installing the DVD (or around that time, but unrelated to it) someone presed the buttons that control the monitor settings and messed it up.
You can't do any permanent damage by trying your hand at the settings yourself, so it's worth the effort.
There are many different kind of monitors, each with its own specific way of controlling the settings, so my suggestions can only be general.
The front panel of the monitor frame usually has from one to several setting buttons that control the picture--shape, size, position etc and, of course, the colors.
Activate the main button (posibly marked as "menu") and then the other buttons on the frame, or buttons that appear on the screen become activated.
The meaning of the different buttons is usually self explanatory, but fear not--experiment till you come across the right one for the color settings and experiment till you get what suits your tastes.
One more comment, some monitors have a "button" that you turn clockwise or counterclockwise to make your selections and to activate them.
LOL. :)