What if your motherboard dies? What happens to everything else connected to it? Will it still work if I replace a new motherboard??

If something on your motherboard dies it doesnt mean everything else will. It happened once when I was in high school in a computer course, some guy plugged the floppy drive's power cable somewhere on the motherboard where jumpers were supposed to go. The motherboard was fried but everything else like the cpu and ram still worked.

OK cool! So if i buy another motherboard and plug everything from the dead motherboard, ram,video card,fans,hd, etc etc..........everything will work fine!????

Well if you connect everything correctly it should work. But I never said all your parts are still good, it depends on what happened to your pc for your mobo (motherboard) to die. If you are sure it is your mobo that died and your are positive that whatever you have done to your pc could not have affected your other hardware, I dont see why a new mobo should not do the job.

Note that a Windows reinstall is highly recommended when installing a new motherboard, unless it is nearly identical to the old one (same chipset).

I think you should start by troubleshooting the problem from the beginning.
It sounds like you are not sure about the motherboard.
There are other issuse to consider with the new motherboard, what type of ram does it have, what type of video card does it have AGP v1, v2, v3 PCI, PCI Express...?
What other boards are in the system? ISA, PCI, AGP,
Will your power supply carry the load?

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