Hi everyone
I have a INSPIRON | 510m.
my memory was
x2 256Mb DDR-333MHz-CL 2.5 PC 2700U-2533-0-A0

i bought 2x 1Gb Samsung PC2700S-25331-z DDR 2700 CL 2.5

i changed the rams,the windows started up,everythings were fine suddenly it restarted with a blue screen and it couldnt boot up the windows,i removed one of them it worked. i changed it with other one into same slot, but it didnt work. one of them is not working on my system no matter which slot.
but it works fine in other laptop.
can anyone help with this issue.i dont think the problem is with ram as barely they are faulty.

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try update the Bios to the latest version.
Then use 1 new RAM to test teh laptop.

Compatibility maybe a problem.

Or try backup data and reinstall the OS with both new RAM installed.

Hope this helps!


I had a similar problem with my additional RAM (when I went from 4 to 8 GB), I had to increase the voltage on the RAM (to the manufacture recommendation) via the motherboard BIOS and it's been working perfectly ever since.

Try that.

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