help please i was on the computer the other day and my baby unplugged my multi plug which has my monitor and computer with some other things in it and now when i turn on the computer and monitor the monitor is really dark ive tried to reset the settings and turn up the contrast and brightness but that only helps a little. i have some pictures on the compouter but i cant see them please help me correct the problem.

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Just a thought, but is it possible that something is leaching the power? I have a multi box for my vcr and dvd to the tv. When the signal is going from the dvd to tv AND dvd to video, the picture is very dark on the tv. When the signal is from dvd to tv its fine.

thanks for trying to help but no everything was fine one day i was on the computer and my daughter unplugged it every since then it hasnt been the same but nothing else is plugged into that power supply just my computer stuff, monitor, hard drive, printer, speakers but thanks any other sugestions would be nice thank u

I'm afraid it sounds like you need to do two things, Isam24.

* Drop that monitor into a repair shop to get checked and fixed or replaced if necessary.

* Rearrange the electricals or put some sort of guard around them so that baby can't get near the things. I'm glad it was your PC that got fried and not bubs! ;)

thanks for your help i talked to my teacher and he told me what i might have to do but thatnks any way

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