Im not hi tech with computers but i know fr sure my computer is working lol my computer beeps 1 time and when it turns on sometimes the mouse doesnt work or the keyboard or sometimes it just says no signal i ahve an acer monitor and my cpu is an intel pentium4 and there is a button on the bottom of my power button that i pressed idk what it is ikicked it today and it started and hit the monitor and it started up fine does anyone know the problem

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does anyone know the problem =user

Could be the PC hardware problem.

Now, try reset the PC and see if works.

Unplug the power cord, holding down the power button over 20 seconds to discharge and reset the PC.

Then connect the power cord and power on the PC again.

If there is other RAM, try swap with the current RAM on teh system.

Hope this helps!

Just check earth wire and dont have ,
simply a wire connect ur casing and end point conect any wood .. Okzzzz. See yeah

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