my computer is a mystery. After taking it out of storage it refused to POST and all it gave me was a blank screen. I decided that this was an excuse to upgrade the CPU and video card, now it has a Sempron 2300 and a G-force fx 5200, it still dosent want to work, after switching out motherboards it didnt work, so i bought new ram and new motherboard (ultra 256mb ddr 333mhz ram and Abit KV7-V motherboard. it didnt work on that either, after a week of discouragement i randomly switched back in the old motherboard (a machespeed NPAP-2) with the new parts and voula, it worked...for about 3 weeks, i switched out the motherboard with an even older one and it booted up but had problems that prevented me from loading windows on it after loafing around with that i switched in the machspeed motherboard and it worked for another week i tried switching out and in again but its completely dead this time, now i have a KV7-V motherboard in and it wont POST or any kind of video signal. I am at loss as to what to do, any help?

I would start with a fresh power supply connected to one of the motherboards and only a video card installed. No drives or anything else connected.

Do these boards beep or do anything else?