Ok so I have a Compaq Presario SR2020NX Media Center pc. I attempted to install windows 7 but when the disk was in the drive during boot the monitor would not come on. i got the pc to boot just fine into xp and did the install of windows 7 through the xp desktop. now the monitor will not come on at all even with a boot disk or an older version of windows. I have removed the ram the battery i have removed and reconnected power and even gone as far as unhooking all cd rom and hard drive i get no beeps and the pc sounds as if it is booting itself just fine but still no monitor. i know the monitor works as it is the one i am staring at as i type this and i do not think it could be a hardware issue as it all stemmed from windows 7 install if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please help.

I've heard windows7 has had some problems with VGA. I don't know if thats the problem, but maybe you could try a dvi connection.

if that doesn't work, I would recommend you search and make sure that you have all the drivers needed for the upgrade.

It lets you at least see the BIOS right?

nope no bios no nothing but it turns out it wasnt windows 7 it was just total coincidence motherboard is shot as im getting no power to the mouse either