Hey all, im lookin out 4 a good computer for a friend and i want to select the right company.

Normally i would build a computer myself choosing the best possible components, completely customizing the system, but this time around it cant be that way, it must be bought from a company that is cheap, has a good reputation and will be a good investment.

in the past i have found Dell to be a very unreliable company, having errors and replacments being made.
Also Compaq and Tiny are not in my good books, but what do you think?

choose your favourite company in the poll thinking of there reliability and value for money, what company is bad, what company is good?? Or are there any other companys not mentioned that are also good? do tell
:lol: :p

alienware eh? hmmm i heard about them come to think of it... they do good cases dont they?

I would stay clear of hp/compaq/packard bell.
(Even though I work for them!)

Sorry, no option there for me. I distrust ALL 'brand-name' PCs and either build my own or purchase 'white-box' unbranded PCs. That way I get more powerful equipment for the money I spend. That way I also get components and system cases which use standard formats and can be up/graded/replaced/added to quite easily. That way I also don't have to pay extra for customer support which I'll never use.

That all said, HP/Compaq are the brands I would MOST steer clear of ;)

very good cat weazle, i agree with that philosophy but this time for me it has to be from a company as i hav been asked to find the best of it all off the net

so what if any, would u go for, if u had to buy from a company?

There is no such thing, in my view, as the 'Best Company'. It doesn't matter what brand you buy, as the build qualities are all good and the after slaes support is all quite good as well.

What you need to look for is the PC which contains the components which best suit the customer's individual computing needs. Every manufacturer produces a whole RANGE of PCs, and they suit different needs. Your question is impossible to answer, and in reply the question must be asked:

The best computer to do WHAT with?

id have to say general use, including some gaming, but mostly internet use browsing etc..

unfortunately, i was limited to 10 choices, but then i didnt even kno about gateway so please tell me more, are they any good?

I voted for Packard Bell.

Because they have made me the most money fixing them. LOL
HP/Compaq puts a lot of food on the table too.

Darrin Seats
Cornerstone Computing

We support hp/compaq/packard bell.
Hence my statement to avoid them.
To me, any of these companies is bound to be cutting corners on quality on components such as optical and storage drives.
Plus there's always the extra price you pay for the name.
The only benefit I can see is the support you get if/when somethign goes wrong.

Gateways are what I always use but I like dell or alienwares

Of the ones you've listed, I would say Dell probably gives the best value for the money with Windows installed (if you get one of their systems at one of their frequent sale prices). BUT, avoid their financing arm (Dell Financial) like the plague!

Also, of the ones you've listed, Apple will give the most stable, problem-free performance, but it comes with a higher price tag.

Linux systems offer both value and stability. I'm partial to Linspire (aka Lindows) myself, and Tiny (among other manufactures) offers it with their systems. Find out more here: http://www.linspire.com/
You may also be able to get a Dell with Linspire: http://dell.questar.it/

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