Have this model and am well into the suggested heat sink thing, but my M.board is different?see attached! I also see no broken post!

My problem is that when i try to load a op. system the machine shuts down?

Have partitioned and formatted and clean the HD on another comp. and works fine!

Any suggestions would be appreciated


I have found that most gateway 600's freeze becouse of a flaw in the design of the heat sink. The mounting posts that hold the heat sink to the processor are soldered to the motherboard, the solder then breaks free after some time and heat. When gateway fixes this problem they just re-sloder the posts and send it back. I have created a step-by-step how to, to repair this problem. Best of all it will cost you less then $3.00. I am ataching the how to at the bottem of this post.

hey i followed the repair steps you created and when i was done my power
light stays on when i plug in a source of power to it on my gateway 600ygr. can u help me?

Thanks for all the tips for GW600 cooling issues. I had 2 out of 4 loose posts. Before I dove into the "screw" fix (very helpful, THANKS KAID!), I superglued around the bottom of the loose posts (from the upright keyboard position vs. from the bottom of the motherboard). I turned it on for the heat to cure the superglue, and it's been in continuous operation for over 24 hours (previously froze after only 10 minutes), and it took all of 5 minutes to do. I have no idea how permanent this may be, and if it does it again, I'll just put in screws... but not before trying super glue again!

Sorry about the late reply. The screws are ment to replace the solder. As for the processor, it is always possible that the heat has damaged the processor. I can only hope that the computers overheat shutdown is why the computer will not start. If the auto shutdown is working then once you make the repair the computer should start just fine. If not then you may need to look into another processor. Please let me know the outcome.

Kaid - First off, thank you so much for posting these instructions! This is a pretty old thread I know, but I'm hoping you or at least someone who has done this procedure successfully can help. I need to special order the screws online. I found 2.5 x 3 mm, but need to know which head width & thickness as the wafer head screws come in several different head sizes..

Any additional help you can offer would be great.. thanks again -

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