All of a sudden for no reason I can think of, the inbuilt speakers on my sisters computer stopped working. Earlier (a few hours before it stopepd working) the speakers were working fine. We did not do anything.

We have tried external speakers, headphones, everything but no sound. The only time I can hear anything is when I push certain haedphone hard against my ear. Even then I can barely hear anything.

it seems as though the sound has been turned way down so I can no longer hear it.

Come to think of it, it may of stopped working after a windows update. I'm running windows XP.

Any ideas?

Strange, I just had the same thing happen to me today. Got a flashlight and checked all of the plugs. Went to Control Panel and it said everything was working. Went to Device Manager and it said everything was working. Windows Media Player was silent but I opened iTunes, selected Radio\Jazz\ Forever Cool. Got a loud click and the sound started working. Much of fixing things that don't work in Windows is vodoo. Older systems with Intel AC-97 onboard sound quit on a regular basis. You have to reinstall the drivers. Try that.