I have a Abit motherboard, an I found a software on the abit homepage for flashing the bios from windows. I have a abit BD7II motherboard and I wonder if its wise to use this tool or if someone has any experience in using it?

The first question to ask in that reagard is: why do you want to do a flash upgrade to the BIOS in the first place?

If you aren't currently experiencing any of the specific problems that the particular flash upgrade is said to fix, you shouldn't perform the procedure. If a BIOS upgrade goes wrong it could, at the worst, pretty much render your system unusable. In other words, it's not something that should be done just because you find a new version available.

Agrred. Thoroughly!

If you have even a flicker in the supply of mains power during the procedure your motherboard can end up trashed! Ideally, a UPS unit should be in use before BIOS flashes are undertaken. And there is no reason to install a BIOS update unless your system has a problem which the update is designed to correct. If you are not having any related problems, don't update!

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