My colors are becoming more pink/violet ? Does anyone know what is the problem? I tried to make a screenshot but on other displays the colors are as they should be. I tried moving the wires here and there but the same things remains.

I have a samsung 940NW, Geforce 7300 Se

Have you tried different monitors connected to this PC or have you viewed the screenshots on different PC's?

Yes i viewed the screenshots on different PC's.

I didn't tried to change the monitors or the cables yet. I think i will do it tomorrow .

You are better off trying a different monitor. That should tell you weither it's the monitor or not.

Today i turned it on and noticed that the colors are a bit greenish... I remembered that my rgb setup was 50,54,50 (i did that to normalize the colors a bit) so i lowered the green value to 50 and everything seems to be normal now!

I didn't do anything! And it normalized itself within time. These things happen in cycles for me, i noticed. I had this experience before. Any ideas?

Btw, i keep my woofer under the desk, near the power source, where all the connections go (filter), and sometimes it gives a low sound like "vooooop"for about 1-2 seconds,several times. I didn't noticed any "link" between my monitor colors and woofer's sound. I had the sound without the distortion, and other times i had the distortion with no sound.

:/ Any ideas? Maybe my lamp is the one to blame :)