I have just bought the new Call of duty advance warfare game for PC. Damn thing loads but subtitles are pixilated. I have a Radeon X1300 card fitted in my Dell machine, motherboard 0wg864. 2.4 gb Intel core2 duo processor. Would the purchase of an upgraded graphic card help. if so which one and will it fit the dell tower.
I have 1 x 16 pci-e slot and another smaller pci-slot. Please help or i have wasted my dosh on this damn game. Ta

You can pick up a decent graphics card for quite a reasonable price these days.

You say the subtitles are pixilated have you tried increasing the resolution for the game? What is game play like? jitterey?

A better graphics card could help, I don't have any experience using ATI products but if you got an Nvidia card go for a 8600 or better, that should do.

Things you have to look for is memory speed DDR, DDR2, DDR3 etc... (higher the better)
Also clock speed (higher the better)
You will have to make sure you have adequate power though.

- Could you post the spec of the card you have...

Hi Xlphos
The subtiles of the game, i.e when someone talks or the time and objectives are shown they are pixilated. All other graphics ok. Game does not seem to jitter, you just can't select what you want to do because the writing is pixilated.
Card: Radeon X1300/1550, 258Mb
Will look for recommended card

Can also go the 4850 or 4870 in the ATI range.

Thanks cruchie, will look at those and compare. Thanks for help