Help me plz. My laptop's(HP pavilion dv5115nr notebook pc) f8 key is not working. For this im facing difficulty to setup win xp to my laptop. i tried everything possible that i can. searching net via google, asking HP to provide solution, asking people to tell me the solution and so on. But unfortunately no one able to help me. now i did windows xp setup by installing win 98 first and then ran xp from desktop. However if any one know how to enable f8 key plz help me. :(

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hi, when you boot the laptop ,does it tell you to hit f8 for bootmenu ,or like mine [Compaq,same maker ] ESC for boot options ,F10 bios or f12 to select safe modes


Yes it asks. But when i hit f8 it doesn't works at all.

sorry, really hard to help from this distance when I cant see whats on your screen when you are booting ,and none of my laptops are HP, and the 3 i have all use a different F key to do what your F8 does .


Its ok guy. i look forward to get help of others daniweb friends....

good luck,hope some one can add more .
you say you install win98 ,how did you get it to install

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