My brother cracked his display in his laptop and ordered a new one for it, it was the same model except something about the finish was satin, how ever, it was the only difference.
He pulled the front monitor cover off and changed the LCD was very simple task on this monitor, and only had one plug to deal with. Before he changed it, the cpu would boot and worked fine just had spider web crack in the view of the display. After changing the LCD screen, He assembled back and installed battery, and he noticed the LCD screen lit up bright white before powering on the cpu. He then hit power on the cpu and nothing happened. He give to me, and I take his old one and plug back in because he said it was working with the old LCD, but when I press the power button, nothing happens. With the old LCD screen, it does not light up bright white like with the new LCD screen either. With the old one, it is like a dead machine, with the new LCD, it is a dead machine with the LCD lit up bright white. Any tips?