I do have 11 computers and I am having some power problems it goes on and off so I have decided to buy a 2000 Watt Ampere Accumulator..

What I need to know is that is there anyone who knows how much electric power does a computer tower needs to start and will 2000 WA be enough for 11 computer towers only for 2-3 min max without monitors…

Thank you

It depends on what kind of computers you have there.

With all newer computers it could take twice that much...

I'd say a rough estimate is 250 watts for an barebones PIII and as much as 550 watts for the latest and greatest gaming machine. Of course if it's only going to be powering each one for 2-3 minutes while they shutdown or whatever it is they have to do, I'd say figure 300 watts per machine? Whatcha guys think?

The initial switchover point/draw is what we need to look at.
He should be able to hook up a clamp-over ammeter and see how much he is drawing at any one time. (Home Depot)

While he will use less while he is shutting down.
The power loss or drop triggers the shutdown and thus the power switchover must handle the peak load at that point even though it will quickly diminish.

Add 10% as a safety margin to what he shows as the total draw.

He might be better off getting 11 of the smaller UPS systems that are available everywhere. I have half a dozen here that I use on home electronics like TV, stereo and SAT dishes...