I am having problem with my audio driver, lan port and usb port. My pc was working smoothly but yesterday when i turn on my pc windows did not start and an msg was shown saying that i have to change my time and dates. I have to move the cpu so i thought it would have been caused by problem in bios battery. but after fixing time and date, windows started normally but till then my audio device is not working, pc cannot get a pen drive, i was also unable to connect to lan. it seemed all the driver had been uninstalled automatically......

then i re-install windows, and then all the drivers but it couldn't solve the problem. I have changed my motherboard battery. after re-installing audio driver, i didn't get any volume control icon in taskbar. i tried to open the volume control from start>accessories>entertainment>vol..con... but it shows a msg saying "There was no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices go to control panel blah, blah, bla........

i badly need to use pen drives with my pc....

My PC config:

mother board: MSI 915G Neo 2
Processor: Pentium 4 3.00GHz
Ram: 1.48GB
op sys: windows xp professional service pack 2

after installing audio driver i get an icon of audio config. but if i click it i get no response... i think all my problem is related.

I am not getting any trouble with video driver. it was installed successfully.....

moreover, when i inserted my motherboard cd i only get the options INF update and install video driver..... which is odd. because earlier i used to get all the options to install audio, lan, video and so on.......

if anyone know the solution pls response......

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The problem of my pc has been solved. The audio, lan and usb port can be enabled/disabled from bios. I just enabled them. I think somehow my bios settings was reset and all the drivers were disabled.

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