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I was just wondering which laptop is the best for: speed,memory, wieght, and dependable.

Noone will give you the answer. Because it depends on too many factors.
How long are you going to spend on it? (work/home/student/programing)
What is the main reason you buy it? (games/office/surf/video/graphics)
Should it be really mobile? (battery time)
Should it be for computer geak or amateur?
Should it have numlock keyboard? (account use)
Should it be used also in future? (newest tech)
Should it be used primary outside? (LCD type, environment, warranty)
Did you had already a laptop?
Do you have access to laptop parts? (buy additional memory...)
Do you have preferable brand?

But the most important: Do you have sufficient budget for a (good, best, ordinary and gaming) laptop?


agree with seten, it depends on what purpose that you want to buy a laptop, if you're traveling always, then go for lightweight laptop. if you like games then go for gaming laptop.

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