I inadvertantly deleted the operating system using fdisk after unsuccessfully attempting to reinstall windows 2000 on a Dell laptop. I reformatted the hard drive, but couldn't get past the security key code. It wouldn't accept the key code I have (??). I have a windows 2000 recovery cd that came with the machine and also another version of windows 2000 on a cd. I can get into the bios. But when I ask it to boot only from the cd, I get a message "No bootable device(s) selected. If I let if default to the hard drive the message is "Missing Operating System". I do not have a floppy drive. It appears to not be recognizing the cd drives (anymore). Any ideas?

Hi crossh,
First, check your bios settings for "startup" settings or something similar.
Make sure the computer is being told to look for you CD when it starts up. The CD settings should be "enabled" or "on".
If that doesn't solve the problem..then..
You have to get the win 2000 security PW/key off your machine somehow.
Search the web for "password Recovery" programs..etc.
If you can't get the PW..then..
about your only option left is to totally re-install Win 2000 :sad: :sad: :sad:
Hope this helps :)
- PS-if you have other troubleshooting issues..checkout my website.

I have a similar problem with a gateway solo 2500 and all I need is to know where the bridge battery is located so I can remove it for a short while to get rid of the administrator password
Then perhaps I can reload it with windows

Hi josephpafume,
you can find your systemboard battery very easily. Goto my website & look at the "Parts Gallery" page to see the 3 different types/shapes of batterys. Also go to the "Systemboard" pages to look at the labeled parts on different types of systemboards.
You will need to remove the battery for up to ~ 30 min. on some systemboards for the electrical charge to totally "clear".
If you still can't ID your battery.. then goto google & search for your computers name and the keywords "systemboard", "schematic", "battery"...etc.
Hope this helps :)

Thanks for the fast reply, although I was to inept to find the parts gallery on your site :rolleyes:
However I may have a greater proplem since I checked in setup and found no administrator password enabled in Bios but when I try F1 F8 or Tab I get a prompt for an HDDO Password
Will removing the battery and the brige battery also remove the HDDO password?
Without the password removed I can't format the disc or even get to a dialog to install Windows
What do I do now????

Hi josephpafume,
removing the systemboard battery shoulD "reset"/remove all startup passwords.
if not you can try the freeware program at http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd to change all the passwords on Win NT, 2K, ME, XP OS systems.

Thanks for all of the help
Turns out that all of the fixes proposed or offered would not have saved my dearest friend LOL
the hard drive was intered this am with full honors and a military honor guard
Ya'all would have been proud of the way held up
Seriously thank all of you for your efforts to assist me

It does me good to know that I am not the only one using the internewt for other stuff besides porn and lonely hearts stuff