hi guys,

I'm on the hunt for a GPU to go into my new PC and i have made the decision to go with ATI Radeons because thy have a pretty mad track record for 'balance' if you will. The new 5970 seems pretty awesome but i'm not sure if it will fit my $3,000 budget and even so does anyone have any advice as to other GPU's out there that are good for present day games and editing as well. I am open to discussion and am really hoping for replies.


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Anything from a 4870 up in single card set-ups will be fine. 4850 if you go crossfire.
If you want DX11, go for the 5XXX series.

Try not to start too many threads on this subject or you will find that they will disappear :).

I have been on ATI's website for two weeks now trying to figure out if the card I just won on eBay is better than my present one. And all I can tell you is that any of the HD cards, especially 3000 through 5000 series, will be more than adequate for good gaming. I have a Radeon X1300 and I play huge memory eating games and it works well. So anything above must be awesome.

If anyone could tell me if my Radeon X1300 is better or worse than the Radeon 9800 Pro card I just won off eBay it would be much appreciated.

well thanks for the tips guy i am definitely gonna get a 5xxx series because i dont like old stuff regardless of value but i just wasnt sure what to look for exactly so thanks and sorry if i started a thread that doesnt relate to GRAPHICS CARDs lol because i thought it did so umm... yer sorry bout that

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