My Secondary hard drive has disapeared. I can see the drive on Disk Management but it isnt listed under "My Computer" so i thought i would check to see if was showing up a under Disk Management and it shows but the drive states "UNALLOCATED" it also shows up in the Device Manager under Disk Drives I've tried everything possible and I don't wanna lose any data from the drive if possible any suggestions or a solution would be very helpful thanks

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Yea I tried that as well as a system restore thanks for your response I have taken a few snap shots so you can see whats going on. The drive that Is not displaying is highlighted in the first photo of the Device Manager

Device Manager

Disk Management

My Computer

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Maybe you can disconnect the drive then boot up. Then shutdown again, re-connect the drive and boot again. Not sure what else you can do.
Maybe the drive is faulty.

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