Computer was working great. Unplugged to move to new desk in the same room. Plugged back in and the Check Signal Cable came on.

1. Have replaced the mother board with an up graded board , replaced the power supply unit with an up graded unit.
2. Have tried the monitor on another computer and it works; took the monitor from another computer and plugged it in the problem computer and the CHECK SIGNAL CABLE appears on that monitor.
3. There are NO beeps (never has beeped).
4. All the fans work.
5. All the lights come on during start up on the tower.
6. Only thing (I can think of) not replaced is the CPU.

Any ideas would be helpful.


My first thought is that the resolution or scan rate is set out of a range that the monitor is capable of. Sometimes BIOS can go by so quickly that your monitor wouldnt turn on to see it anyhow, so you could try pressing F8 repeatedly as your turn the system on (assuming you are running Windows) and seeing if you can get into Safe Mode. You could also try booting to a CD or other bootable media to see if you can get any reaction there. Linux Live CDs work great for this.

Reasoning: Moving the system could have dislodged the video card, causing a corruption of the video driver. I have seen this before.