im planning to upgrade my AGP8x 256mb 128bit to a better one.

im just wondering, if i bought a 256bit graphics card, would it still work in my machine?

depends on the resolution... the Video Ram only makes a difference in two ways:-

1 - min frame rates.
2 - being able to play on higher resolutions.

u need about 1 GB to play on 1980x1080, which is Full HD, but it think a 512 MB will still run, though on an inferior level.

but up to 1680x1080, 512 MB and 1 GB cards wont make a difference on the max frame rate or the average, only on the minimum.

1 GB ram is always preferred, however, 1gb ddr2 128 bit vs. 512mb ddr3 256 bit, id choose 512mb ddr3 256 bit.

Specific graphics cards from each would be more helpful, though.

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