I have a Tashiba lap top. The power will not stay on i thought maybe a virus so i did the scan and now can get it to stay on for 10 min, but then the power still went off. So then i took out the battery and did just straight outlet and got it to say on for 20 minutes, but then it still went off. I hear the fans come on and run, but the laptop is feeling more hot that normal. Still not sure what the problem is though. Any ideas i don't want to get a whole new computer.

Does it have temperature monitoring in the bios that you can turn on and watch it for 20 minutes see if it hit's the turnoff threashold? Also if it feels warm try putting a cooling pad under it and see if that helps. Does it just shut off or does one thing shut off and then everything else (aka does say the hard drive just stop or the screen with the rest following)?

i will check the temp and try the cooling pad. But everything goes out all at once. Nothing stays on. It's like the computer just shuts right off like it was never on.