Had a laptop which I had to get give back to the company I was contracting with, so I removed the Hard Drive and then got another laptop and stuck the original HDD I had in that to save me time in rebuilding another laptop. Both laptops are Dell's but different models. The new laptop with the other's HDD boots OK and seems to work, however as you can imagine I have many driver errors and inconsistencies (especially things like ATI graphics cards). I looked an purchasing Driver Detective or something similar to sort this out...but have heard these types of software cause more problems than they actually solve. Any advice or ideas about this?

Hi, I used driver detective form some months and think is a great software that save our time like few others. Drivers installing is a continue annoyng and time waste operations, and with DD all will be automatic.
Try to read this guide: http://driverdetective.eu/guide.html

the harddrive you used was formatted with that model of the other laptop the onkly way is to locate all the drivers from the de;ll site based on model and tag number ONLY !!!! those will be the specific drivers for your laptop..ohh and by the way u will need to reformatt the harddrive from scrqtch ..you will need a new windows CD which ever you should use based on the tag number of the laptop ....