Hi guys,

I have a Samsung P28 Laptop with a Li-Ion battery.Is it safe to leave it plugged into the mains even when the battery is fully charged?Would it harm the system in anyway?I was told that the battery will automatically stop charging when it's full.Is this true?I appreciate the help in advance.Thanks!

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Thats what my laptop does. So does my sister's.
When it is charging, there is a yellow light of a battery with a little electricity sign on it. When it is done charging the battery light is blue.
Yours should do something like that too.

Great.Thanks for that.Mine actuallt turns green. But even then,is it safe to leave it pluggeg in?Thanks,


Yeah!! Even if it is plugged in an electrical outlet, it stops charging when fully charged.

Great,thanks mate.Peace of mind at last!

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