i was installing a wireless pci adapter card to my computer and it couldnt detect it so i called tech support and they said that i might have to upgrade my bios bc i have an older motherboard, i found out all the info on my motherboard but i want to kno how to upgrade it, will it cost any money, can i just download software and do it? please help

youre looking for a bios upgrade for your motherboard.
youll have to perform a "flash" on your bios.
if you mess it up you will pay.

you need to ensure that you get the correct bios and upgrade for your motherboard
by serial number. close doesnt cut it.

first determine the manufacturer of your bios (usually by entering bios setup
at boot time by tapping f8 or f2 or escape) it will say "ami bios" or "american megatrends"
etc.. then try to collect the motherboard serial number.. this usually flashes once for
about 2 seconds at the bottom of your screen and is long as all get out.
youll have to be fast to retrieve it. else you may have to reboot several times.
then after you have your important data go hit the manufacturers site (for the bios)
and follow thier instructions for download and flash procedure.