I have a NEC varsa5000 laptop which is out of order.The display is ok.I want to use the display as a monitor.technology is unknown to me.Help me with schematic of display conections.Mother board circuit description will be most helpful for me.If you have the knowledge about the technology, pl.help me.

You can do this but it would require both computers to be connected to the internet with different IP's and the desktop computer to be on 24/7! On the laptop you go into Start > programs > accessories > remote desktop connection. Once your in the remote desktop connection type in the IP and then log into your computer.
But your laptop would need to be higher than Home.

Immediately noticeable upon popping the lid is that the notebook doesn't use a full-size keyboard. The letter and number keys are large, but the function keys have been squished -- a strange decision by the designers at NEC, considering the amount of unused space around the keyboard.

Bordering the 15.4-inch display are glossy, reflective black strips, which we found to be decidedly irritating. Somewhat making up for this flaw is the large, comfortable track pad and mouse buttons. We found the vertical scroll feature to be particularly useful when reading through long documents without an external mouse attached.

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