Guys, my machine (Compaq 4000) dead recently. wen i turn on, hdd led blinking. but after few seconds it getting off. fan is wrkin. no disply in screen. Miracle is that Once I Shaked My system , it got on, and no problem with performance. its running perfectly. but it happend only once.. now its dead.

wat may be the reason???? is any problem with bios?? hdd???

If it doesn't come on at all, it could be a power supply problem. On a laptop, this can be the actual connection where the power supply plugs into the machine. The jack in the machine or the plug that plugs into it could be worn out. Could also be a broken wire within the power cord (but less likely). If your battery is charged and it won't come on, then this isn't the problem.

You could also have a hardware problem that won't allow it to Post. Usually in this case, it will keep trying to restart but it won't get anywhere (the power light and other lights will go on and off repeatedly but you won't see anything on the screen). If that is the case, you can search and find many posts on this forum about what to try (search "laptop no post" for starters).

It could be something else entirely but these are pretty common problems so you might as well eliminate them first.