I have an E-Machine (bought in '03) running on Windows XP.

When I turn on my comp everything boots, but I can't use my Keyboard or Mouse, they are frozen. I thought it was the power supply so I went ahead and changed that but still the same situation, the keyboard and mouse do not work.

Also, as I go ahead and turn my computer off, the power supply fan doesn't turn off and I can see the light in front (which appears once the computer is on), when the comp should be off.

Is there something wrong with the motherboard, has something been fried? Do I need to replace the ports? Any help is appreciated.


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hi there. well did you check the plugs of your keyboard and mouse that get into the tower's ports??? please do. did you check you RAM??? please do so and tell me

Just curious, did you make sure you have the right one in the right port...

Not to make fun but I have had people bring in PC's and they had the mouse where the keyboard goes and the keyboard where the mouse goes...

Just because it fits dosent mean it belongs there..

Sounds like a software corruption issue to me. Have you tried using a different keyboard and/or mouse, to check that the problem is actually a hardware one?

yes, everything is connected in the right location. i haven't tried a new mouse and keyboard yet. suppose i do try (i will try) and the problems persists what would be a solution?

so you think the RAM could be an issue?

why all of a sudden would this happen??

I dont think the RAM has anything to do with the problem...

I'm suspecting a simple software problem.

Any suggestions to resolving this "simple software" problem?

Boot into Safe mode, thoroughly scan for and remove all viruses and spyware, do a refresh install of windows if necessary. But we'll move this to the Windows section and discuss those matters in detail once you've determined if it's a hardware problem or not. Borrow another keyboard and mouse if necessary, and find out, eh?

I am having the same problem w/ a clients PC. It is Not memory or software problem. tried three different generic keyboards. It seems like the ports are dead or there is a reg problem. USB keyboard and mouse works..

P.S the computer does not have virus or spyware problem...

One way to figure if it's a software problem or not is to enter the system setup and see if the keyboard works there. If yes, it's a software problem. If not, it means a hardware issue.

See if you can borrow another keyboard to confirm your diagnosis. Also, try different types of keyboards, ie. PS/2 and USB.

My modem, mouse and keypad not working. Gateway, (don't have model no handy.) blue light won't come on; monitor shows the logo, but only that and than nothing. Mouse doesn't have light on the bottom; not getting power? Mouse and keypad work on other computer. Moniter then quit working. Just had computer help??? from phone call (I thought was Gateway, ( he took remote access to my computer...ended up he wanted to sell me tech support. While he had access he went into CNET and downloaded Spyware. I should have known better, but phone number was listed under the Gateway name. I got fooled. I had just reset my system to factory settings and it was working beautifully. then called the knucklehead..and the next day it bombed. Before the phone call the mouse was going out - but would come back) after the call the mouse, keypad and monitor won't come on;) blue light won't come on. Fan powers up, yellow lights blink, and dvd will open. I replace the knickle sized battery, and didn't help. What to do? Its a 2006 Gateway 64 bit that has been a dream. Thank you.

i think you must be try booting into safe-mode. If they work, then you have a program which is making the usb controllers glitch. Also, try using a usb harddrive. If the HDD doesn't work either, then you can be sure it's a problem with the usb drivers.

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