I have got a Toshiba M40. PSM40A-08L009. Its about 2 nd half year old. few days ago i updated the bios. i got the bios from toshiba's website. it worked fine until yesterday. i turned the computer off the day before, it didn'b turn on the firt time then it did but yesterday it just doesn't turn on at all.

When i press the power button, the computer checks for whats in the dvd drive and the Hard drive spins but after about 3-4 second the computer just tuns itself off. I took the harddrive out and the computer went into the Toshiba screen and was searching for boot options. so it may have been a faulty harddrive? i have ordered a new hard drive. but now when i try to turn computer on without the hard drive nothing comes up on the screen and the computer just dies.

Anyone who knows what the problem could be, please help.


almost sounds motherboard related. approx. how long before the machine turns off? most machines will post without a hdd, so it would be very odd if that were the case.

Thx for your reply.

it takes about 5 seconds before the laptop turns off.

i have ordered a new hard drive. well i will install a new one and see what happens.

anyone with similar problem or knows anything about it? your help will be great.


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