I just got a new CPU, installed drive from old CPU into the machine and it shows up on disk management, but not in 'MY COMPUTER'. I have no access to all my old information there. Old drive is FAT32, new drive is NTFS, both are already formated. Any suggestions?

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Let me see if I understand you. You changed your Central Processing Unit? What is the socket & Motherboard type? What processor was old? What prosessor was new? Are talking about the whole system rather than just the CPU?

Here's What I think you mean (correct me if I'm wrong):
You have a new Computer.
You took the Hard Drive from your old Computer and put it in the new one.
You want to read the information from the drive, but it is not recognized by the Operating System.

What Operating System is in the new PC?
Did you format the drives, or just move them?



If it shows up in Disk Manager then it is probably working ok. Based on what you have posted I would be willing to bet it is simply that the old drive was labeled as c: and there is already a drive c: (your new HD). At the bottom of Disk Manager you will see the physical drives and your old drive should show as Disk1. If you right click on it you get an option to change the drive letter (to f: for example) and you should then be able to see the drive under explorer.

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