Hello, after a power failure, I kept getting the "cpu error - check soft menu" message. After four days of the computer working fine anyway, I decided to enter the soft menu and have a look see. Evidently I changed and saved something, stupid granny that I am.

Now, when I turn on my custom built Win XP Home, formerly overclocked cpu with lots of nice features and programs nothing happens. The fan does come on now and I hear some faint clicking like something is thinking. Used to be the clicking would end when Windows began to load. Nothing shows on the 2 monitors I've tried. Tried a boot floppy with no success. The only light that comes on is the power one, the pretty red decorative one inside the case. No floppy light or cd light at all.

Anything I can do myself? I have 2 other Win XP computers with far fewer programs and ram so I guess I could use them to format the hard drive. I do know how to remove and install a hard drive, ram cd drive, etc. Beyond that very few computer soft/hardware skills.

Normally, when you can't get ANYTHING to happen, it's the BIOS that's the problem. I would erase BIOS by taking out the BIOS battery. This is the little silver thing on your motherboard that looks like a watch battery. You can pry it out with a small screwdriver. Leave it out for 10 minutes, then put it back in. Your Motherboard might even have a clear bios jumper, in which case, you move the jumper to "clear bios" leave it there for a few seconds, then move it back. Either way, you will probably have to re-install windows.
If this doesn't work, you might want to call up your motherboard manufacturer. My friend had a corrupted BIOS and DFI let him mail in his BIOS chip to get it flashed FREE.

Bless you!! All three of my cats are miffed but I'm quite happy. Popped the case, found the shiny silver button and 15 minutes later, everything booted right up like normal. Back to everquest and guildwars. Thanks so much!!

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