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I get the same problem as in this thread:
I've tried disabling the network boot in my bios settings, which still does not work.
I guess the only difference is that this is happening to me after a radiator "blew" and spewed a little water on my laptop. It displayed the message twice, when I tried to start up my laptop, but after giving it a bit of rest I tried booting it again and this time it started up normally and booted windows. Late the same day I had no trouble booting my machine again, but all of a sudden after being on for maybe 1 hour I got blue screen of death, and the error message pop up once again when I turn on my laptop, and now I cannot boot it any more, al though I've tried your advice.
As far as what I have read else where it could be due to my circuit(motherboard) being screwed, im 95% sure that the circuit has taken enough damage for it to be toast, however I would like a second opinion before I look at the repair costs.
Thx in advance

circuits go for pennies, it's finding someone to solder it for you that's a pain.

But I would agree with your assumption without being able to see the machine myself.

I also managed to spill not water but wine onto the keyboard of a toshiba satellite machine some time ago and it died! Just to give you encouragement but if water gets into the keyboard membranes it can cause havoc and prevent restart as the power on test cant find a good keyboard so it is possible you have more than one problem!
Best of luck

mjdodd, that's not the reason your laptop was crying, The Motherboard is right underneath the Keyboard, All that's separating the Keyboard and Motherboard is Metal frame with mounting holes (Sometimes Plastic). Now Board doesn't like water but Oil It doesn't care about.

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Sounds like a motherboard problem to me, more in the region of the HDD controller being water damaged.