Dear friend,
Very recently I have connected my Samsung SyncMaster 940NW to Gadmei external tv tuner card and everything was ok except bad picture for low signal quality. Then I connected set top box to it and it improved the picture quality but at the same time horizontal bars of 1-2 mm thickness with 2-3 cm gap are coming in the whole monitor. I think that there is no problem in the monitor (no horizontal bar when set top box is not connected or used as computer monitor) and in the set top box (I have checked with different lcd panel).
So, friend, what's going wrong? Anyone with any idea and experience will be very much appreciated........Thanks in advanced.

Debojyoti Mukherjee

Thats normal, its because because TV is 50/60hz refresh rate (depending on whether you are PAL or NTSC) and a monitors refresh rate is designed to be 60-75hz. This problem is more apparent on LCD screens as they have more flicker.

Thanks jbenet for your informative reply............Actually when I am connecting the set top box the input to the monitor is not tv signal but of av format signal. The refresh rate I found to be 60 Hz. And also why it is not coming when I am not using the set top box? So there is no way out of it...........
Thanks again.

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