Last night i came home from class and try to boot up my computer, everything boot up fine denmy screen started showing multi colours! Alt-Ctrl-delete didnt work is i had 2 force shut down (holding Power Button)! When i tried to reboot, the power light comes on, but the activity light stays off! I get a faint fan spin and the screen stays blank! I tried using an external monitor bt no avail! Help any1!

i am also having the same proble, with the exact same symptoms. the screen showed multi colours (plaid), and would not respond to any keys or inputs. i shut the computer down, and i only hear the fan and cd drive spin when i start it. i do not see anythign on screen, nor do i here the POST

any suggestion

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Please remove the Ram from your PC, you should here a couple of beeps.

Please post results of removing the Ram.


I removed the RAM, and nothing happened when I first started the computer. However, I did read elsewhere on this site to leave it running on the battery (while i went to best buy to purchase another laptop) for appx 1 hour. when i got back i shut the computer down (only the fan and green power light were on, i did not receive any post message while the computer was on). after shutting off the computer and powering it back up, the computer booted normally, and I'm currently typing on it.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were using a laptop. Well as long as your laptop worked.

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