Hey, I'm having a problem with my Toshiba Equium a200-1v0 laptop. I've had problems with it ever since I bought it new, but didn't take it back to the shop, about 2 months ago it started having problems booting, I've worked out when I have the battery in and nothing else, it will boot fine, if I have both battery and mains, or just mains, the computer needs to get "hot" before it will work, as in I need to leave it on for a few hours before the LCD will turn on.
Now a few days ago I started getting scraping sounds and they were coming from my hard drive, I opened it up and there was visible external damage to the HDD, not massively though, just a few scratches. I vacuum cleaned out the fan in my laptop, now sure enough, it runs a lot more smoothly, but now I can pretty much only use battery power as a source, because the computer doesn't get that hot. I have to turn on the laptop with mains and charge the battery then take out the mains to use the laptop.
When I turn on the laptop with battery power and then put in the mains power after it has fully loaded the screen will go brighter, as it is now out of power save mode, and then the computer will completely freeze, I can't move the mouse or type, I have to restart the computer, and even then I have to take out the mains to boot properly!

My theory.. The HDD is screwed or the power supply is broken.

I need some help, if you need me to take a look at the HDD or any details, I can provide them, thanks!

I've just ordered a new HDD, I'll update you if that fixes the problem, still need some advice incase it isn't though! Thanks.

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