sorry,can anyone help me plesae....

im helping my friends to change his power supply unit..so i disconnect my monitor to view display for my friends pc,after problem solved so i reconnect again my monitor to my pc.Suddenly my monitor turns to weird colour.I have try reconnect again to my friend pc but it shows that is not monitor problem becouse the colour is okay when connect to my friend pc.So i assume that my graphic card are the problem,so i changed my display to the internal motherboard graphic,but it seems the problem still same.U have try changed to the another monitor but still the problem occurs.I really dont know know what is the problem exaclt.Is it monitor?or graphic ard?or motherboar...please help me...

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Well definitely not your Monitor, hmm, if both your in-built and VGA give you garbled screen, it could be the OS messed up drivers. Does the post work? I am guessing not. Try to remove the graphics card and use the in-built port.


ok..thanx 4 ur help...its not about graphic card..i try to keep shaking the monitor cable and its colour turns normal again..so its maybe failure on its cable..thanx for your concern

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