Hello, I am a 59 year old wood machinist, made redundant, without much hope of gaining future employment because of obvious reasons. Am volunteering as Job Search Adviser and have been trawling the net for information and resource sites that would help my clients find work and/or vocational training. I am not shall I say totally in step with either computing or web research, but more than willing to learn. My brother-in-law kindly gave me this laptop to help me find work, but also to engage myself in the various training networks and initiatives. I don't know how a site like this is supposed to operate, so here goes
When I switch the PC on a screen prompt appears with Windows Installer, Loading Status, then loads another prompt with can't install load CD Status. There's no software in programmes and zilch on the net, what to do?

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If I understand correctly windows is starting OK but once up yu are getting a prompt for a CD to be put in the drive to finish the installation of an application.

Does it say what the installer is trying to load?

Can you confirm that windows is loading or give a full description of how far it gets?

What version of windows do you have?

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