hello can you help me...My AVR(radius) gets into smoke when i plug my computer speaker...

my avr have 110V and 3outlet 220V at the back...my monitor AOC has power rating 100-240V but there is tag on it's chord says 10A125V...my monitor plug it at the back of my AVR 110V..and my system unit to 220V....did I am doing right? in this when i plug my monitor to 110V...and if so, why is it when i plug my computer speaker in the AVR 220V my AVR get to smoke and smell likes burning....please help me on this so that my mind will be enlighten and i don't want my P.C to be destroyed..hoping for your positive responds...thank you in advance...

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Most PSUs have a switch which will accept either 120VAC or 240VAC. Most machines usually work on the 120VAC setting on the PSU. PSU circuitry is different with either setting. Check to be sure that the 120VAC setting(switch) on the PSU is selected. Damage control at this point is probably going to be difficult at best.
DO NOT use a wall outlet of greater than 120VAC for the machine nor the monitor.

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